Autumn is traditionally a busy time in real estate, but the changing weather can also bring its own set of challenges when you are trying to ensure your property is presented at its best for potential buyers. The following is a checklist of ideas to help with that presentation:

1. As the season of falling leaves, you need to be extra vigilant in keeping gutters and drains cleared of debris, particularly when combined with those rainy autumn days. If you are aware of a drain in particular that can be easily blocked at this time of year, contact your local council and ask them to keep it clear to prevent surface flooding.

2. If you have a particularly good heating system in your home, be sure to have it well-presented and highlighted as an advantage. Over summer months, buyers don’t always look closely at heating options, however they are more likely to want to know how your home is heated with winter approaching.

3. Likewise for insulation and other home heat saving devises, right through to new high quality drapes. Be sure to inform your sales consultant as these can be a positive selling point.

4. If your garden is starting to look a little lack-lustre, visit your local garden centre and ask for advice on bright plants that will last over the period of time your property will be on the market. For as little as $20 you can purchase a few bight seasonal plants to place near those crucial entry areas to really lift the first impression your property makes.

5. Check all your lightbulbs are working and bright enough. If necessary, look at where you might strategically place lamps around the house. If you have open home on a dull day, the sales consultant will often look at ways to illuminate dark corners to make your home look cosy and welcoming.

Be sure to contact me for many other ideas about presenting your home to its best advantage in the various seasons, so be sure to discuss with them their ideas.