Cleaning: It is believed that cleanliness is next to Godliness. This is the first and most obvious need especially just before inspections. Your home must be spotlessly clean and hygienic so buyers can look forward to moving into a sparkling and healthy home.

Dust, grime, stains, slime and spillages are some of the major turn offs and so are dirty carpets, scuffed and scummy-looking floors, cupboards with food crusted onto the doors, cockroach droppings, dirty windowsills, mould & mildew, grubby light switches and door handles etc.

Wash and put the dishes away, stow away the washing basket, make the beds and arrange the shoes. Ensure all surfaces gleam and keep away anything a potential buyer might not want to see or touch. This goes for all the rooms and surfaces in the house.

Re-arranging, removing and/or replacing furniture: Usually, if your furniture is up to par and is stylish and fits well with the room, then you can go ahead and place them in their most suited locations to create room and give a welcoming feel.

If not, you have the option of renting furniture to ensure you show the best. The key is to choose the most appealing, quality pieces and arrange them to give each room a stylish and welcoming feel.

Optimise Space: This is ensuring that every space in your house is put into good use. The efficient use of space ensures that even homes that are small in dimension can still offer spaces with specialised purposes and functions. One can easily create extra living areas, a home office, a study room, an entertainment room, spare rooms for guests and children, all without knocking down any walls.

To achieve this, take out any unnecessary furniture and fixtures, if there’s room under the staircase for a compact office, place a desk and chair there so that the buyer can clearly see its potential. For an unused patio or balcony, have some comfortable chairs or a hammock there to suggest room for relaxation.