Have you ever wondered whether Winter is a good time to sell???  Do you reckon the buyers won’t come out in the cold?  Every Saturday has been cold & wet – Mother Nature has given us some amazingly diverse and spectacular shows!!!

Think for a moment, if you were looking to buy a home, would you like to see it in its most natural state?  Without a bright sun shining in (hiding those dark rooms), with rain on the roof – showing up any leaks, how about the back yard – does it get waterlogged or is there excellent drainage?  That house situated below road level, is the rain really gushing down the driveway and into the garage?

If your home passes the above, has fantastic heating and a great sunny aspect, even on a dull day, then this is the absolute BEST time for you to be selling your home.

Real Estate is all about supply and demand, whilst your friends, neighbors and perhaps other family members would prefer to wait until Spring when the garden looks colorful, the dark rooms are bright and that leaky downpipe is hidden, the savvy seller will take advantage of this amazing time, to be a standout in a limited supply and grab the attention of all the buyers.

Genuine buyers, who are motivated to look in Winter generally HAVE TO buy a home!  They know there is not much around and they will have to pay a premium, but their circumstances also dictate that they need to make their purchase now.  It could be due to a relocation of work, a new career, being closer to the school they want their children to attend, being closer to family for support (Adults moving closer to older parents to provide care, or parents moving closer to adult children to help out with babysitting).

The old adage – Death, Divorce, D’Bank – reasons for moving that are generally out of our control – as a seller, you could be making tens of thousands of dollars more in your back pocket, because you have decided to take the plunge and make the effort to present your home to perfection this Winter.

Don’t forget, walking into a beautiful home which is warm and inviting on a cold and blustery day, can be even more welcoming than going into a cool home on a hot day.  Set up some cozy spaces in your home, where buyers can imagine sitting down with a cup of tea, a good book, their favourite slippers and just chilling out.

If you would like to have a chat about whether your home suits a winter sale, then contact me anytime on 0419 503 327 or by email to janet@mcneillrealestate.com.au

Woman warming up with feet on heater Winter woolen socks drying on a heater, christmas lights, decorations and hot drink